Featured Testimonials

Donna Nicholls
South Wales

The whole 5 sessions were life changing for me as I was holding on to negative beliefs and hurt from my childhood and Yogita helped me see that I could reprogram my brain and tell myself another more positive story going forward.

Bhavani Arshanapally
Los Angeles

My journey with Yogita was really amazing. All the sessions were systematically designed, interrelated, well-coordinated and result oriented. Before the beginning of every session, she used to brief me about the step-by-step method she

Bhairavi Narvekar

Dear Yogita infinitely thank you for all the amazing transforming therapy coaching sessions. I'm very much grateful and in deep gratitude for all your efforts and hardwork you did on Me..I must say that these five sessions are blessings to Me which


My whole perspective around my negative beliefs about myself have shifted and I am in a more positive and uplifting place in my life. I have healed my chakras mainly my heart and continue to give myself more love. Therefore by loving me first I can open up to trust and love once again and this is mind blowing the work Yogita has done with me.Yes I got clarity around what was holding me back from living my dreams and my purpose in this life time. The tools, exercises and guidances  given  was  very beneficial and truly it helped to  stay powerful and it helped to  dive deeper into my subconcious . We went back to childhood memories where I had felt not listened to and worked on  my Inner child wounds . Questions were asked and I reflected after the sessions.

I was surprised the coaching style around healing and tapping into the universe. But in all honesty I know I picked the right coach at the right time where I needed some guidance and  tools to work with. I believe the right mentor comes along in your life at the right time and Yogita’s  style of coaching was very much different to mine but I loved it. The feedback from all lessons was I felt listened to, not judged and she was very open and as the sessions  developed each week I felt a relationship with Yogita and more at ease. She grew in confidence and was very knowledgeable and supportive as well as spiritual and that was right up my street.The biggest breakthrough for me was understanding that I didnt need to live in my past I could rewrite my story and let go of negative thoughts and beliefs and and live more positive and calmer in my present life and going forward life feels exciting.

I am not my past but I take all the lessons and experiences and learn from  them to become a better version of me . I would say if your looking for a coach with a wide and varied style of coaching in regards to healing and spiritual guidance and looking at behaviour patterns Yogita is the coach for you. Be prepared to be surprised and stunned by her knowledge and wisdom in this area. I would 100% recommend her kindness and her way of going the extra mile in regards to tools and guidance moving forward and continuing in with your development and growth. I had like to say this has been an amazing coaching and worthwhile my time.

I have like to say Yogita has made me feel so much more positive about myself and my negative beliefs are not there. They have been cleared and I am healing and continue to heal.

My journey with Yogita was really amazing. All the sessions were systematically designed, interrelated, well-coordinated and result oriented. Before the beginning of every session, she used to brief me about the step-by-step method she had planned for that particular day, as each session was unique in approach. She ensured that I understood the concept, made me feel very comfortable and willingly clarified all my doubts with all her patience and care. After every session she use to give me instructions and home work for self-introspection. She gave me enough time to do my inner work between the sessions. It really helped me a lot in analyzing and aligning with my Higher Self at Soul level. After every session she used to take the feedback and respond to it as required. She was readily available for any help as and when I needed. Zillion Divine Gratitude Yogita for this Divine opportunity and wonderful spiritual journey with you. 
I had incredible experiences during these 5 sessions. Lot of negative, dense energies were released from my chakras and whole system at all levels of my existence including physical,emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Simultaneously felt divine healings and activations with massive downloads and integration of divine energies in the form of vibrations, jerks, chills, rigorous movements in few parts of my body. The major shifts that happened within me during the sessions were the releases of energies of worries, stress, childhood trauma, victimhood, insecurity, inferiority complex, fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, suppressed emotions and codependency. All the release happened through yawnings, tears, nausea, belching, excess urination, raise in body temperature and body pains.I have experienced massive shifts and changes inside me at all levels. At physical level my body became lighter as if lot of burden and heaviness is removed from my system. At emotional level I felt very balanced, blissful and joyful.

My Heart Chakra was healed and expanded substantially and is filled with unconditional divine love, even Yogita said she felt it. My Throat Chakra was healed as well, as a result I started speaking my truth without any inhibitions for the first time in my whole life. 

At mental level I became calm, quiet, balanced, still and was at peace in most of the situations with clarity of mind in terms of perception and acceptance. At spiritual level I experienced a state where I became one with the space around me as my Crown Chakra expanded enormously.

 I felt so lighter that I was floating with air in the space as if I didn’t have any mass. The other shifts that I noticed in me are I became very assertive, independent, feeling full of freedom, saying ‘No’ without any hesitations, doing what I like, I became self-focused, prioritizing my needs, self-love and started self-care, very centered and in alignment with my Soul constantly. 
Yes, OfCourse! Now I have the clarity and some tools to release my traumatic and negative situations of my life and completely heal my inner child. Some of the tools that Yogita taught and delivered to me that I used in this healing process are grounding, shielding, interacting with my inner child, Ho’oponopono prayers, heart center meditation, seven chakra meditation with colored lights. Yogita channeled light codes with sound healing. 

The ultimate and most incredible divine experience for me was the divine union with one of my Soul fragments in presence of my beloved God and Guru Shri Sai Baba. I’m really in dearth of words to express my joy and bliss about this experience. Moreover Yogita, helped me release all the negative elements, negative implants, contracts, vows, psychic attacks, negative intentions, curses, all karmic baggage. She also addressed all my negative feelings, emotions and my childhood trauma by releasing and replacing them with counter positive affirmations that obviously helped me heal at deeper levels today. 

At the end of the session I was in complete bliss initially without even feeling my body, was so lighter. But later as there were activations and huge downloads of divine energies from Creator were happening resulted in heaviness of my head and felt headache later. I rested for couple of hours immediately. I was in those high energies until late in the evening that day. 
I feel I’m fortunate enough to get this divine opportunity of divine healings through you Yogita.
You are really very intuitive and blessed with divine wisdom. I see you as a very dedicated,punctual, committed, understanding, caring, kind and full of patience. You are one of the most beautiful Soul with a pure heart whom I have come across in my life. You are really a blessing to me and I treasure this divine connection of us. Infinite divine gratitude to God and all the Spiritual Masters. Once again Infinite divine thanks to you Yogita. God bless you and your family with abundance of health, wealth, prosperity, love, peace and everlasting joy & happiness.
Wish you a great success in all your endeavors and Good Luck.

Dear Yogita infinitely thank you for all the amazing transforming therapy coaching sessions. I’m very much grateful and in deep gratitude for all your efforts and hardwork you did on Me..I must say that these five sessions are blessings to Me which have transformed Me from normal human to happy healed spiritual love and light divine soul..I have seen major shifts in my life from my shallow behavior to the depth one and also life around has become easy now..I have deep understanding for my life now that whatever happens I have to forget forgive get healed and move on..I have also closer connection with mother Gia and God source now I realized that I am also a part of it..as you said my third eye chakra and crown chakra are quite opened now along with other 5 chakras I also feel that expansion and space has been created and feels lighter too.

I can say that now almost there’s no envy jealousy grudges or comparison remain now in Me..earlier there was lil but now I have completely lifted up from these negative emotions..I have realized that my soul Identity is unconditional love and I’m trying to implement that too and I have seen lots of love I’m receiving too..earlier there was frequent mood and energy shifts but now almost 85% I have become calm and peaceful..after every session I have become more sorted than earlier and charged up..as you said I have released a lot and this all have happened because of your hardwork and efforts on Me..I actually felt that I have lifted up to the next level of human being of forgiveness happiness content and giving love..I m now almost 24×7 in gratitude state and grateful for all that I have received and blessed with.

Thanks a million billion zillion and infinite dear Yogita for choosing Me for these wonderful therapy and healing sessions and will be in gratitude and grateful forever in my life..lots and lots of love and blessings to you .